Nepal Relief Appeal


Since the devastating earthquakes in Nepal just over a month ago, Reach Beyond has been actively helping our radio partners and the Nepali people.  Relief workers are helping displaced people find durable shelter as the country braces for the onset of the monsoon season, which dumps heavy rains on the country, often triggering landslides and makes transportation difficult.

UN reports indicate that over 9,000 people were killed and 22,000 people were injured from the earthquakes.  The fallout of these earthquakes will push more than 700,000 people below the poverty line in the nation, which is one of the world’s least developed.  600,000 homes have been lost and unusable, leaving three million people homeless.

Apart from Reach Beyond Australia’s shortwave radio ministry, our Asia Pacific office has helped Nepali partners establish eight community-based Christian radio stations, a healthcare clinic and a birthing centre.  Four of our partner stations were badly damaged by the earthquakes.  Sadly, one station lost two announcers (they were not at the station at the time).  People in the communities lost family members, homes, animals, and livelihoods. The physical and emotional damage is overwhelming, particularly in the countryside, and will take years to recover.

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