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A Language of Love - December Voice and Hands

Monday, 12 December 2016

It was Dr Gary Chapman who popularised the concept of ‘Love Languages’, the idea being that we all express and receive love in different ways. Of course, there is no greater expression of love than that of Jesus coming and paying for our sin with his own blood on the cross. Like me, I am sure you are glad you heard that message of love in your life. But what if you couldn’t hear it in your own language? If you have ever travelled alone overseas and been in a country where the language was not your own, then you heard someone speaking your own language, especially with an Aussie accent... how sweet the sound! Reach Beyond is about taking this message of the greatest love and putting it in the language of those who may never have heard it before. Just like that Aussie accent in a strange land, it is music to the ears and water to a parched throat.

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