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Greg Peacock appointed as Kununurra Manager

Friday, 27 October 2017

The wait is over!! We are excited to let you know that we have appointed Greg Peacock to take on the role of our Kununurra Manager. Greg will start in November, with his wife Jill joining him in January 2018.

Greg has a passion for the gospel, and a desire to be part of God’s work. He also brings considerable business and management experience. What an answer to our prayers as together we continue to see the gospel message spread across the Asia Pacific region to millions of unreached people who have never heard of Jesus.

Read on to learn more about Greg’s story ...

Greg and Jill Peacock

Greg and Jill have been married for 46 years and come from Queensland. They have five adult children and 14 grandchildren, with number 15 expected in December. They gave their lives to Christ many years ago and over the years have served in various capacities in their home church.

Greg has been appointed as our Kununurra Manager and will start in November 2017.

During a 30-year period Greg has had the opportunity to serve on a number of Boards of para-church ministries and is currently Chairman of a local Chaplaincy committee. Greg brings a lot of experience to the role having started work full time in 1966 when he was only 16 in his parents’ brushware manufacturing business. His father died in 1967 and a decision was made to continue the business when a businessman in Greg’s church agreed to train him in management skills.

Greg grew that business with a staff ranging from 28-36 until 1986 when he sold it to a public company. Greg and Jill commenced a new 'start up' in late 1988 and this is the business they have to the present time, focused on manufacturing industrial brushware and contract injection moulding.

Greg’s business experience over the last 45+ years includes sales, marketing, advertising, the manufacturing process, people management and financial management.

We asked Greg some questions about his story and how and why his path led him to Reach Beyond.

How did you come across this role and why at this stage of life have you put your hand up for this role?

I initially became aware of this Kununurra Site Manager position a few years ago when my wife and I were looking on the 'Second Wind' web site. Last June, we were having a road trip holiday from Perth to Darwin, and planned to call in to Reach Beyond as we passed through Kununurra. Peter & Christine, the Reach Beyond hosts, gave us a very friendly welcome as we bought some bananas and paw paws.

We were invited to join the Broadcast Facility tour the following Sunday afternoon. For us, that tour was quite a 'wow factor'. We were so encouraged to hear of the effectiveness of the daily Christian programs that went out from this property. We could see too, how well the 'Light Up a Village' project meshed in with the whole broadcasting vision, of getting the Gospel message to the unreached, just north of this country.

I remember driving away from the property that afternoon saying to Jill, "I wonder if the Lord wants us to have any involvement with this ministry? If we are, then let them contact us." We got back to Brisbane about 2 weeks later, and within a week I received a call from Dale, thanking us for a small gift we'd sent to the 'Light Up a Village' project.

Now I've been around Christian circles long enough to know that you don't get a call from the CEO whenever you send money to an organisation. Remembering what Jill & I had spoken about 2 weeks earlier, I nearly dropped the phone. We started to talk about this role and the rest is pretty much history.

For several months I have been challenged by a somewhat familiar quote 'If not me then who, if not now, then when'? I guess similar to the passage in Isaiah 6:8. Over our marriage of 46 years and having our own business for that time, Jill & I both have particular God given experience & skills in management & hospitality, that we feel might be helpful to Reach Beyond at this point in time.

The Lord has interesting ways to present challenges to us, as He did in this case. We're out of our comfort zone with this one, but that's OK, because he's in it with us. I recently read this quote from John Stott "We must allow the Word of God to confront us, to disturb our security, to undermine our complacency and to overthrow our patterns of thought and behaviour."

Why Reach Beyond?

We've known of Reach Beyond for a long time, and the significant impact it's making to unreached people groups in our region. We did have some initial talks in 2013 about volunteer work, but the vacancies at that time had been filled. The Lord just seemed to keep putting this Ministry in our path from time to time.

What difference do you hope to make and what do you hope to contribute?

Our primary task will always be about delivering messages and programs of hope about Jesus, to the many countries north of Australia, currently in 30 languages. However, there are other facets to Kununurra's operation that Dale as CEO wants to develop further. With my history of having run a family business for over 45 years and having firsthand experience with other not-for-profit groups, it's clear that developing new initiatives in Reach Beyond won't ever get real traction with Dale based in Melbourne and commuting to Kununurra throughout the year without someone on the ground full time. The key thing of course is effective and regular communication between Dale and myself as the Kununurra Manager.

I see my appointment and position somewhat as Dale's 'eyes and ears' as I function in a coordinating role, initially with the staff and volunteers. Then with the Lord's leading, Dale and I can begin to develop some of these new initiatives, allowing the work and ministry to grow in Kununurra.