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Language Number 30 for Reach Beyond Australia

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

There’s something special about holding a new born baby. It’s exciting to take delivery of a new car. We watch in wonder at the sun rising on a new day. New is often so special for us.

Here at Reach Beyond Australia we get excited about commencing a new language in our program schedule. And it’s happened again! With the introduction of the B16 Shortwave Program Schedule (October 30, 2016 – March 26, 2017) we introduce our 30th language. It is called KANNADA and is a language of South India spoken mainly in the state of Karnataka. With its capital of Bangalore, Karnataka is the 7th largest state in India and has a population of 64 million.

The KANNADA language will give Reach Beyond Australia the opportunity to reach out with a life changing message to a language/people group where only 3% are Christian. The program called ‘Vishwasave Jaya’ (Faith is the Victory) is being produced in Bangalore by a trusted radio partner. It is broadcast from Australia on Monday and Friday at 8pm in India on 15590 kHz in the 19 metre band. It is hoped to increase these Kannada language programs to 5 days per week in the second quarter of 2017.