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HCJB Global Australia BECOMES Reach Beyond Australia

Thursday, 21 August 2014  | Peter Penford and Dale Stagg

On the 22nd of January 2014, HCJB Global announced that the 82-year-old ministry, founded in Quito, Ecuador, is changing its name to Reach Beyond.

“The new name is much more than a brand change. It will better reflect our mission. It is a small change but one that profoundly, yet simply, captures the heart of all we do”, said Dale Stagg, Reach Beyond Australia’s CEO.

Reach beyond from right here in Australia!

Reach Beyond provides a wonderful opportunity for Australians to reach Asia and beyond with a message of hope in their own language. Our name change is not to forget the past but show others our purpose and passion. Reach Beyond (Australia’s) short-wave ministry provides a rare opportunity to touch people’s lives with the love of God from our own country. Your support enables us to cost effectively keep carrying a life-changing message to the people of the Asia Pacific.

Originally founded as World Radio Missionary Fellowship, the mission adopted the name HCJB World Radio and, later, HCJB Global to refer people back to the call letters of our flagship station in Quito, Ecuador. Out of its small beginning blossomed an international shortwave ministry that operated under the same call sign ‘HCJB, the Voice of the Andes’.

Over the years, the letters HCJB became synonymous with the ministry in Latin America.

The HCJB AM and FM radio network that continues locally in Ecuador is a thriving and vital ministry. Largely operated and financed by Ecuadorians, this ministry will become an autonomous partner with Reach Beyond and will retain the name HCJB.

In short, we are a growing global ministry, the shortwave broadcasts from Quito have concluded and the letters ‘HCJB’ mean little to people unfamiliar with our history.

It’s time to re-cast our vision with a fresh identity. Our name change is an opportunity to focus on the work we now do.