New Season – Broadcasting ‘Off the Grid’

In spite of the technological revolution that the world has been experiencing, there are still parts of the planet ‘off the grid’. Think of Asia, for example: there are entire remote regions and villages where internet penetration is either limited or nonexistent. In this scenario, radio, especially shortwave, remains strong. People in isolated places depend on radio for news, religious content, entertainment, etc.

Through close work with local media ministries based in Asia, Reach Beyond has been serving populations on that continent with the Gospel, the Good News of Salvation.

The new broadcast season (A21) began on the 28th of March. Our schedule features content in 26 languages mostly spoken in India, Myanmar, Bhutan, Japan, and Korea, our key audiences.

Speaking to the unreached and those with limited access to the gospel is what drives Reach Beyond’s programming. As an example, we are the only Christian broadcaster in the world to air programs in Rohingya, the language of a minority ethnic group in Myanmar. Through reports from the field related to this and other languages, we are encouraged to see the Word of God landing in many hearts and souls.

It is our hope and prayer that the programs aired on our A21 Schedule will help people find comfort and hope in these troubling times that we are living in. Our full schedule of programs can be seen here.