New Broadcast Schedule – What a Difference Jesus can Make

Much has happened and changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world looks somewhat different. One thing remains constant though: God’s love for his creation. He is still there in the midst of the crisis, walking alongside people. That is the message Reach Beyond will keep passing around in its new broadcast season – also known as B20 – which starts on the 25th of October.

This new schedule features programs in 24 languages that have been carefully prepared to tell listeners what a difference Jesus can make in their lives and personal circumstances. Many will certainly hear this for the first time. Others will be again reminded of that and have their faith nurtured. We are aware of the crucial role shortwave still plays in many remote areas of Asia. We are privileged to be able to get closer to those communities through the airwaves, and serve them with hope.

For a full list of broadcast languages, times and frequencies click here.