New Broadcast Schedule – Making a Connection

There is no doubt that the world is getting more and more connected. The internet has been driving a transformation never seen before in history. Mobile phones and WiFi technology have quickly become indispensable parts of modern life. Yet there are still numerous places on the planet where all the wonders of the internet are either not fully available or under severe control of local government. By and large, these are remote places with large concentrations of unreached people groups where international broadcast via shortwave proves its importance again.

Knowing that “faith comes by hearing”, Reach Beyond has again carefully prepared a schedule of programs to speak to audiences who would hardly have the chance to connect with the gospel otherwise (i.e. rural areas of Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). But it has also focused on urban-based listeners of Japan who, while having access to modern high speed broadband, are still very fond of shortwave radio. The program guide for the B19 Season – which goes from October 2019 through March 2020 – incorporates 26 languages with nearly 60 hours of weekly broadcasts. The bottom line is that with or without WiFi, through radio, people in these regions can still connect with the life changing message of salvation.

For a full list of broadcast languages, times and frequencies click here.