From the Outback to the Heart of Asia

While it is true that the internet has been causing a communication revolution as more and more people connect, there are still parts of the globe ‘off the grid’. For example, several places in remote areas of Asia keep relying on international broadcasts for news and religious content. This is what makes shortwave a strategic tool for evangelism.

Reach Beyond Australia has a call to minister to the least and the lost. Our programming is prepared to offer listeners spiritual guidance and comfort that can only be found in Jesus. The new program schedule – also known as A22 in shortwave lingo – reflects just that. During the period between 27 March and 29 October 2022 we will air 50 weekly hours of content in 25 select languages, each widely spoken by Unreached People Groups in Asia. India, Myanmar, Bhutan, Japan, and Korea are the main recipients of Reach Beyond’s signal sent from Outback Australia.

Christ can transform anyone’s life. However, there is the need to let people hear about him in the first place. We are certain that our new program guide will again provide listeners with this opportunity.

To download the new A22 schedule, go to our Broadcast Schedule page.