New Broadcast Schedule Starts

On 28 October we began broadcasting a new shortwave schedule, sharing a message of hope to the people of Asia.

Research conducted by various missionary organisations show that there are some 1900 unreached people groups with more than 100,000 individuals. These are people to whom Reach Beyond endeavour to reach through a variety of strategies which include media.

Our shortwave broadcasts from Australia serve eleven countries in Asia where there are at least 600 unreached people groups out of those 1900. Thanks to a network of local partners, we are able to preach the gospel to these people in their own language. Delivering a message of hope in a listener’s heart language is a unique way to get their attention. In Acts 22:2 we find the Apostle Paul narrating his very own encounter with Jesus to an agitated crowd. But “when they heard him speaking in their own language, they became very quiet.”

The B18 Schedule of programs has been carefully prepared to enable the gospel message to be broadcast in a multilingual form. This season we will air programs in 30 languages. Among these languages, there are new programs in:

  • North Korean
  • Rohingya – one of the languages spoken in the Rakhine state of Myanmar
  • Tsangla – a language spoken in Bhutan
  • Saraiki – a language widely spoken in Pakistan

The new schedule has made it possible to have improved times for our programs in India and Myanmar.

For a full list of broadcast languages, times and frequencies click here.