Alta-1 College Opens

On October 19 we celebrated the opening of Alta-1 College which has been established on Reach Beyond’s Kununurra property.  Alta-1 has created a successful model of schooling that caters for children that fall through the cracks of the mainstream system; who through no fault of their own, become marginalised.

We were able to provide Alta-1 with the building that originally housed our transmitters before we moved our broadcast facility to Lot 3000, where the first group of middle school students have begun their second term.

We maintain a strong a commitment to steward the assets in Kununurra in such a way that allows our core radio ministry to be more sustainable and self-sufficient. Key to this, is investing in the local community.

Our local partnerships do more than bring the love of Jesus to a local community in need; they enable our mission to reach millions who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

The following testimony reminds us of the important work we do:

“I am from a Hindu family from Haryana. Last year my friend Rakesh told me about your radio program when I asked why he is so different now? He has given up drinking and fighting with everyone. He said he feels different since he started to believe in Jesus”. 

Thank you so much for your support!