Meet the Board

David Solomon

Board Member

David grew up in Sydney and joined the Overseas Telecommunication Commission (OTC) as a trainee technician after completing high school.  In 1970 he was transferred to the OTC Satellite Station in Carnarvon, WA, where he worked for over 13 years.  During this time, he married Helen and their two children were born.  Also during this period, they regularly provided overnight accommodation to Don and Meg Shedley and others, who were driving between Kununurra and Perth.  David first visited Kununurra in 1972, and returned with Helen in 1974.

Joining Aussat (Australia’s national satellite system) in 1983, saw David and the family spend 10 months working in Los Angeles before returning to live in Sydney and to David’s work at the Belrose Satellite Facility.  Over the years, his work with satellite control ground systems has seen him regularly travel to sites across Australia and also to Singapore, Turkey, Belgium and the UK.

From a young age David attended church and he made a commitment to Christ as a teenager.  This commitment has grown over the years, and he currently worships at Northgate Church in Belrose and serves a number of churches and individuals in providing technical support.

David and Helen spent three months as voluntary workers at Kununurra in 2011 and repeated this again in 2012.  Since then he has returned to Kununurra five times for meetings and for the provision of technical support.