On Air

Since 2003, Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB) has been transmitting from our Broadcast Facility in the Kimberley, in far north Western Australia, to the Asia Pacific region through shortwave radio, and currently broadcasts programs in 25 languages.

Reach Beyond is part of a global community committed to seeing Jesus known and loved among all people. We are a partner-driven organisation that aims to reach every unreached people group of more than 100,000 individuals giving them ready access to a relevant and life-changing gospel message.

Founded in 1931 as radio station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador, Reach Beyond is now a global, partnership-driven ministry.

Many people know us as the shortwave ministry that originated in Ecuador which went on to establish hospitals and medical clinics in Quito and Shell. Today the visionary “madness” of our founder Clarence Jones and his band of missionary pioneers lives on around the world. His relentless faith serves as the foundation that drives us to the darkest corners of the earth to reach those who haven’t yet heard of the Saviour who changes lives forever.

Here in Australia, Reach Beyond carries on that vision through its radio broadcast ministry. Our shortwave facility is uniquely placed in Australia to deliver powerful messages of hope to remote and isolated communities throughout the Asia Pacific region.