Opportunities to Serve

If you have a heart to serve and are passionate about reaching those with little or no opportunity to hear the gospel, you may be interested in the opportunities we have available at our Melbourne Studios or our Kununurra Broadcast Facility.


You have a heart to serve but limited time – what can you do? You can volunteer in Melbourne, Kununurra or even overseas. Volunteers who partner with us expand our ability to stay on task – bringing a message of hope to the unreached. We appreciate every volunteer.

Melbourne Studios

We have a great mix of staff, missionaries and volunteers working part-time and full-time at the head office and studios. If you’re within commuting distance of Kilsyth, we currently have volunteer work in the following areas: technical, administrative, building maintenance and gardening.

If you would like to explore how you can get involved, please contact us.

Kununurra Broadcast Facility

Do you have a heart to serve in a mission environment?

Many volunteers come and stay in Kununurra for short-term or long-term periods helping with farm work, trades, general handyman or technical work, gardening, painting, fencing, labouring of any sort, cleaning, driving, IT or administration work.

If you’d like to explore how you can get involved, please contact us.

Reach Beyond Worldwide

Maybe you’ve been wondering about serving overseas. Reach Beyond offers both short-term and long-term mission opportunities outside of Australia. If God is calling you to use your gifts and skills to further the gospel in any of the countries in which we serve globally, then we would be happy to facilitate your inquiries in that direction, feel free to contact us.