Through our different partners in country, we are able to receive listener feedback on some of the programs that we broadcast. Note that these are translated and names changed so as to protect the identity of the listener.

‘From the pastor’s message, I understand that Christ
is true God, but He incarnated to save a sinner like
me. And Christ did not have a place to be born in
Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago, but now He has a
place to be born in my heart. He was not only born,
but suffered and died on the cross so that a sinner like
me could be saved. Praise the Lord!’
— listener, Myanmar

“I have been listening to the program from the time our
local pastor recommended it. I usually turn it on while
doing some work. But this particular week, I was going
through a lot of problems. I was hoping to manage them
by myself – it didn’t work. My children and wife started
facing problems. My wife fell sick, and my children were
not doing good in their education.
I was hard pressed on all sides and had sleepless nights.
The word was spot on – “Not by might, nor by power but
by my Spirit”. I thought God was not speaking to me all
these days. I was wrong. He was speaking through His
word and I was not listening.
I learnt a great lesson in my LIFE. Praise God!
I have now, introduced this program to many of my
friends, and we as a family will continue to listen to the
word of God.”
— Tamil listener