It Is A New Season

In the world of shortwave, the last Sunday of March marks the transition from what we call ‘broadcast season B’ into ‘broadcast season A’.  The rationale behind this terminology, and start and end dates of each season, follow longstanding international technical conventions which – by their turn – stem from frequency propagation characteristics throughout the year.

The ins and outs of shortwave transmissions are fascinating. There is a lot at play each time a program takes the skies from our towers in Kununurra all the way up to the ionosphere, from where it gets reflected back to ground, landing in remote areas of Asia. In far away places of the continent, listeners tune in their receivers and there they find words of hope, encouragement, faith, and a constant reminder of the love of Christ for them. All in their own native language.

Our teams in Australia and in the ministry fields get excited every time a listener reports the impact of the broadcasts in their lives. We know there is joy in heaven too every time someone commits to follow Jesus as a result of hearing the Word.

Seasons come, seasons go, and Reach Beyond’s commitment remains the same: provide listeners with opportunities to hear about Christ. The new program guide aims at just that. Also known as ‘A23 Schedule’, this covers the period of 26 March – 28 October 2023. Programs with a range of genres and languages will be aired daily at various time intervals. And behind each segment, there are presenters committed to offer listeners sound biblical teaching.

To download the new A23 schedule, go to our Broadcast Schedule page.

by Jonas Santos, Media Manager