Core Values

In 1931, Clarence Jones founded Radio Station HCJB (which eventually became Reach Beyond) after hearing a call from God to go south to reach people with the gospel of Christ. More than 85 years later, Reach Beyond holds firm to the same core values that drove our ministry in the beginning:

Bold Faith

Clarence Jones was a man of bold faith. Six radios in the country…and he starts a radio station. That’s bold faith.  So many of our pioneers were men and women of great vision who stepped out in faith and took risks for the sake of the Gospel. Today, we are still a ministry of BOLD FAITH as we proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to the least reached. We serve among some of the hardest-to-reach people groups in countries with high security risk, but we are seeing a bold work of the Holy Spirit as lives are being changed.

Life-Giving Community

In the beginning of the ministry, our team lived and served together in Ecuador, where there was a genuine sense of family. Although today we are spread out throughout the world, we are still committed to welcoming, valuing and caring for our Reach Beyond family. We are also committed to establishing spiritual practices that reflect the “Jesus Way” as opposed to the world’s model for living.

Empowered Partnership

From the very beginning, we have always been about partnership. We believe we must work together with other groups, transcending organisational, geographical and cultural boundaries to accomplish the mission to which we have been called. Today, we have partnerships all over the world. We’re really good at partnering with agencies and indigenous ministries, and we are committed to partnering well with churches to help them reach the least reached.

Strategic Innovation

For many decades, we were known as a cutting-edge mission. If a technology didn’t exist, we invented it. If there was no cure for an illness, we’d find one.  No task was too big or confusing. We figured stuff out: “Need a radio transmitter to fit in a suitcase. We can do that.” Recognising that we live and minister in a dynamic and ever-changing world, we continually seek improved ways of carrying out our mission, whether it is embracing digital media and ways to provide content in high security countries, or looking at medical and engineering advancements to be the hands of Jesus to the least reached.