Breaking Barriers

The new B22 Broadcast Schedule covers the period of late October 2022 through March 2023. Programs in 25 languages will be aired at a total of 50 hours per week. With that, Reach Beyond continues to provide opportunities for listeners in remote areas of Asia to hear the good news of salvation in their mother tongue. For example, B22 has added hours in Rohingya and Matu (spoken by minority groups of Myanmar); and a great mix of languages spoken in India.

There are entire communities in these and adjacent countries where free and direct access to Bible teaching or churches are not possible because of local constraints of all types. If it was not for these shortwave services, people would be left even more isolated and disconnected from the Gospel. Shortwave, in many respects, keeps breaking barriers.

Thanks to the work of a multilingual program production team, and the powerful transmission infrastructure Reach Beyond has in Outback Australia, the message of hope in Jesus will again take to the airwaves, travelling to far away locations.

To download the new B22 schedule, go to our Broadcast Schedule page.