Delivering Uplifting Content

The new B23 program schedule covers the period from October 29th through to March 30th, 2024. Once again Reach Beyond reiterates its commitment to delivering uplifting content to thousands of listeners in Asia every day. The aim is imparting hope, faith, and the peace that can be found in Jesus.

Rural areas of India, Myanmar, Bhutan, Japan, and the Korean peninsula are within the priority broadcast given the strength and direction of signals sent out from the transmitter site in Kununurra, Outback Australia. The programming offers a variety of genres including evangelism, devotionals, drama, and Bible studies. In terms of languages, there are 25 on air. We are thankful to our network of multilingual content providers that make this possible. Most of them are based in Asia, at places close to where the listeners are. We are also thankful for the large listenership we have in that continent, tuning in on their whip antenna shortwave receivers; also to a great number of DXers following us all over the world. It gives joy to make a positive impact in their lives.

B23 will also see the launch of Unlimited Happiness, a half hour program in the Dzongkha language for listeners of the daily Bhutan service. We are excited about this addition.

To download the new B23 schedule, go to our Broadcast Schedule page.

by Jonas Santos, Media Manager