Formerly HCJB

After many years of operating as HCJB in various forms, the ministry has changed its name to Reach Beyond. Our mission has changed from being an Ecuador-centric mission to being a global, partnership driven ministry. This expansion of our ministry has opened a door to cast a fresh expression of our vision under a new name as we reach out in the 21st century, providing hope through the message of Jesus Christ and physical care in His name.

Why would HCJB Global change its name after so many years?

Originally founded as World Radio Missionary Fellowship, the mission adopted the name HCJB World Radio and later, HCJB Global to refer people back to the call letters of our flagship station in Quito, Ecuador. Over the years, the letters HCJB became synonymous with the ministry in Latin America. However, as a growing global ministry, those letters no longer mean anything to people who do not know us. Further, as we share our vision for the future, using a name that has little meaning actually hinders the effective communication of who we are and what we do. Simply put, now is the time to cast our vision under a fresh identity.

Why “Reach Beyond?”

Reach Beyond is a ministry founded on core objectives that we call, “Global Ends.” These objectives outline our mission to reach the unreached and under-engaged with the Good News of Jesus Christ through modern media and community healthcare. The call of Christ on every believer is to reach out to those who don’t know Him. To reach “beyond” is a challenge to everyone to go outside of their comfort zones to be a part in fulfilling the Great Commission. That’s also why we’ve adopted the tagline, “The Voice and Hands of Jesus. Together.” Our goal is that His name would be made known among the nations, and people everywhere would have a chance to enter into a growing relationship with Him.